Polarization & Energy Inversion

Native polarization refers to a base development in polarization.

In any type (J or P) where both the 1st function and 4th function are conscious, comprising their primary mode or primary isolated pathway. For example, a Ji leads with a primary Mode of Alignment (JiJe⇄JeJi) if oriented positively and (JeJi⇄JiJe) if oriented contrapositively.

Secondary polarization refers to non-native polarization.

In any type (J or P) where the polarization is secondary to the primary mode or active isolated active pathway. This polarization develops as an accessory mode and is a secondary/supporting process to the dominant process, e.g. for a Pi lead type using "Conducting" as a primary mode and "Cognizance" as a supporting process (PiJe<->JePi)<->(PiPe<->PePi). In some cases, the polarization is in opposition to the primary mode, which means the primary mode is oriented positive and the polarization is oriented contrapositive, e.g. (PiJe⇄JePi) ↔ (PePi⇄PiPe).


Modes in opposition or opposing modes is a developmental variant in which the primary mode is oriented positive but the supporting mode is oriented contrapositive. If we were to use a Ji lead as an example, the primary mode might be JiJe⇄JeJi (oriented positively) and the subordinate mode might be JePe⇄PeJe (oriented contrapositively). Energy Inversion occurs when either a mode of "analysis" or "interaction" is established in opposition to the main frame e.g. Pi & Ji consciousness opposed to Je frame with static or unconscious extroverted perception.

Je⇄Pe ( "interaction" ) opposed to an introverted judging (Ji) frame.


Manifestation of "energy inversion" through a Ji frame:

Interaction contrapositive to Revision

II-I or I:-I


An individual with a capacity to improvise emerging information in real time to aid in carrying out action judged to be objectively correct by the psyche's own sense of subjective reasoning.

rather than...

Conducting contrapositive to Alignment

I-II or I-:I


An individual focused on transforming narrative premediations into objective causal effect, while at the same time, exerting their objective judgment onto what is deemed most relevant and correct by the psyche's own sense of subjective reasoning.

rather than...

Revision paired with Cognizance

III- or II:-


An individual focused on solidifying their internal understanding with objective information whilst at the same time, identifying what is implied but not plainly expressed through narrative restructuring

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