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Extroverted Thinking (Te)

Te processes and operates system-focused and objective information. It seeks to create structure through a focus on the operational elements within a system or a physical space. Being efficiency-oriented and extroverted, the subject will stay repressed in favor of the object (that being another person; the collective; or a set of principles). The subject is concerned with the utility of protocols that have already been established, commonly accepted, and/or proven effective. Te is oriented around the external manifestation of logical objectives with an emphasis on the pragmatic application of said goals. Te users can devise and implement efficient processes to do so - structural remodeling; dictating what works and what does not; setting goals and applying pressure to meet them; direct, succinct and transparent language tailored to the audience, etc. Well aware of procedural dynamics, the Te user may have a characteristically direct attitude focused on the way in which things operate and the dynamics within a system as a whole.

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