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Analysis-Revision Compound Mode (QPP-Ji)

Title_ Compound Modes in Cognitive Architectures_ A Multidimensional Exploration (1)
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Kindly note: It is highly recommended to peruse our comprehensive academic publication on compound modes before delving into the subsequent content. In the interest of promoting academic exploration and vibrant intellectual discourse, we have ensured the widespread availability of this work. We enthusiastically welcome and value your intellectual contributions, critiques, and reflections. Each one, undoubtedly, enriches our shared body of knowledge and understanding. The current understanding of compound modes serves as a fundamental hypothesis that underpins our research. Our objective is to present a gradual and illuminating unveiling of exemplary examples that provide concrete evidence of the validity and potential of this concept.

These carefully selected examples serve as tangible demonstrations, revealing the profound intricacies and subtle interplay that arise when different cognitive modes seamlessly integrate. Through the analysis of these illustrations, we delve deeper into the emergent properties and distinctive qualities that characterize compound modes. They serve as transformative milestones, paving the way for further exploration and investigation into the diverse permutations and manifestations of these cognitive phenomena.

It is crucial to acknowledge the richness and complexity of the topic of compound modes, which merits ongoing exploration and rigorous analysis. As our research advances, our subsequent publications will delve into greater detail, unraveling the intricacies and unveiling the far-reaching implications of these compound modes.

Compound Modes: An Overview

Compound modes arise from developmental processes and materialize through the amalgamation of various mode conjunctions. They function to consolidate a singular mode during foundational development, while incorporating additional modes in more advanced developmental stages. The integration of these modes produces a synergistic effect, augmenting the collective capabilities of individual cognitive modes and yielding a more efficacious and adaptive cognitive system characterized by heightened cognitive dynamics. However, this increased adaptability and dynamics are accompanied by a trade-off in the form of diminished specialization within specific processes. Fundamentally, while cognitive dynamics facilitate a broader distribution of psychic energy and encourage adaptability, specialization focuses on strengthening particular processes at the cost of reduced dynamics and adaptability.

For instance, the Mode of Analysis can integrate through any pair of opposites within its four conjunctions: Cognizance, Alignment, Conducting, and Revision. If it integrates through Cognizance and Alignment, the subsequent developmental step will involve conjunctions to Conducting or Revision. This illustrates that compound modes exemplify the evolving nature of development, underscoring the inclusion and exclusion of processes through integration involving opposites.

Exploring the Quasi-Cognizance Compound Mode (QPP-Ji) 

Figure A





​Introverted Judgment (Ji)


Introverted Perception (Pi)

​Extroverted Perception (Pe)

​Extroverted Judgment (Je)

In the vast expanse of the human psyche, the compound mode of Revision-Analysis (QPP-Ji) takes shape, akin to a remarkable edifice. It brings together three distinct constructs: Introverted Judgment (Ji), Extroverted Perception (Pe), and Introverted Perception (Pi). This intellectual construct, a manifestation of the elegant subtlety of "quasi-Cognizance," interweaves these cognitive elements, with Ji acting as the skilled artisan.

Deep within the sanctuary of this cognitive cathedral, Ji dwells as the dedicated curator. Whether it manifests as resonating echoes of personal values (Fi) or the meticulous scrutiny of internal logic (Ti), Ji serves as the unseen navigator, guiding the stream of thought, silently enriching the vast library of the mind.

Pe, akin to the cathedral's vibrant stained-glass windows, filters the external reality, casting a dance of colors and shapes upon the hallowed quiet within. It disrupts the serene solitude, stirring the dormant realms of perception, invoking the yet-to-be-explored ideas, and reminding Ji of the vibrant existence beyond its sacrosanct confines.

Upon this dance of Pe, Ji engages in a quiet dialogue with Pi, the keeper of the cathedral's extensive chronicles. This sacred library, filled to the brim with scrolls of past experiences and interwoven narratives, is unlocked and prodded into activity. Guided by the chromatic refrains of Pe and the subtle influence of Ji, Pi unfurls these scrolls, revealing their wisdom, the woven narratives, and casting them into the sanctified light.

These intimate narratives, previously confined within the labyrinthine chronicles of Pi, return to the secluded sanctuary of Ji. There, they resonate with the external world, now tinted with the hues filtered through the cathedral's stained-glass window. In the tranquil serenity of its chamber, Ji reevaluates these narratives once more, seeking resonance with core values or the pristine clarity of logic, infusing the refrains of Pe with the personal hues of subjective comprehension.

The intricate trinity of QPP-Ji places Ji as the keystone of this cognitive cathedral, coordinating the chromatic refrains of Pe and the narratives of Pi to orchestrate a cognitive ballet that is as profound as it is personal. The rustling scrolls and ancient stonework, the echoes of refrains and murmurs of thought, all waltz in harmony under the watchful gaze of Ji, crafting an understanding that remains faithfully reflective of its creator's touch.

Under the steady guidance of Ji and the silent strength of Pi, the cathedral stands unwavering against the passage of time, ensuring the essence of the external world is continually woven into the tapestry of internal comprehension. Thus, individuals who navigate the hallowed corridors of QPP-Ji move with an air of grace and wisdom, their internal world a cathedral resounding with the melody of their unique experiences, harmonized forever with the ballet of the world around them.

Original article written May 9. 2023

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