Levels of Consciousness

*the following applies to functions/energetics, pathways, and modes*


When a function is conscious, the psyche has allocated a delineated space for its operation and is able to regulate intrusions and interferences into this space. A function, when conscious, is self-contained and independent. Consciousness is the autonomy a function has in the psyche and the ability it has to directly access it.  


When a function is unconscious, the psyche has not yet allocated space for its operation, as it has not yet accepted it as a discrete and independent form of awareness. An unconscious function will have no conscious role as indicated by the psychic hierarchy and does not appear regularly in oscillations.

When a function is static, the psyche has allowed for its operation by rapidly cycling the element in and out of consciousness; resulting in the static function possessing both conscious and unconscious characteristics. What is static stirs up unconscious contents into conscious high-order, often as a component within a three function mode or a mirror process.