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Extroverted Judgment (Je)


Je's primary focus is on interaction and execution in the external world. As an extroverted function, Je is concerned with making sure the psyche functions in accordance with certain protocols deemed relevant in the objective world, keeping the subject in line with said protocols. People exhibiting strong extroverted judgment often (but not always) exert themselves in a manner that directly affects the physical world. This is because an extroverted judging function prioritizes judgment of objective factors, and thus compels the psyche to act in accordance with those objective factors in various ways.

Introverted Judgment (Ji)


Ji's concern is wholly focused on the subject's own understanding and protocol in relation to objects. As an introverted function, Ji is geared towards crystallizing knowledge; knowledge which is deemed relevant and correct by the psyche's own sense of subjective reasoning. People with strong Ji often exhibit pensive behaviors, as concern for external factors yield to the subjects understanding of said external factors; prioritizing subjective comprehension and decision over action.









Extroverted Perception (Pe)


Pe's primary focus is the intake and creation of specific aspects of object experience. As an extroverted function, Pe's frame of reference is concerned with these aspects directly, with the fidelity of these mental objects obtained in high resolution. People with strong Pe are often exploratory by nature, seeking more object experience to add to an ever growing catalog of connections.








Introverted Perception (Pi)


Pi's focus is directed towards the creation of narrative context of experience. Since Pi is introverted in nature, it focuses the psyche to organize these experiences in a manner specific to the subject, with little regard for the resolution of the objective experience itself. People with strong Pi are often self reflective by nature, using this gleaned narrative to serve as a guide for gaining or excluding new experiences.

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