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Presenting a snapshot of our database, we offer insight into the structure and visualization we have meticulously crafted to represent our findings. As of March 2023, our database boasts approximately 150 comprehensive assessments, derived through the synergistic application of both Method I and Method II methodologies. We acknowledge that our sample size remains modest; however, we eagerly anticipate incorporating an additional 150 assessments within the forthcoming year. It is important to note that some of these entries have not yet been added to the database.

Our commitment to the expansion of our database would be unattainable without the unwavering support of our dedicated community. We express our deepest gratitude to the generosity of our patrons and the invaluable time and efforts of our volunteers, all of whom contribute significantly to the advancement of our collective understanding and the ongoing success of our venture.

Utilizing Method I (Energetic Profiling), our database features the following celebrity typings:


Employing Method II (Psychoanalytic Approach), our database encompasses the subsequent celebrity typings:

At this stage in our research, the majority of our database entries are comprised of generous volunteers who have participated in our assessment process. While we do have a limited number of celebrity typings available, it is important to note that our primary focus has been on the broader population. As our research continues to expand and evolve, we anticipate the inclusion of additional celebrity typings to further enrich our understanding of the diverse cognitive landscapes that exist across various domains of public life.
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