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Our approach to typing hinges on two primary methodologies that have evolved over the course of the past four years. Initially, we embraced the nuanced art of vultology, utilizing frame-by-frame video analysis to discern signal data and elucidate emergent patterns. This intricate process allowed us to delve into the essence of individuals' energetic profiles, capturing the subtle intricacies of their cognitive makeup. More recently, we have pioneered a psychoanalytic approach—termed "Method II"—which has demonstrated a comparable efficacy in identifying cognitive modes, thereby broadening our repertoire of typing methodologies.
Nevertheless, we continue to offer our signature "energetic profiling" for those seeking a detailed snapshot of their cognitive landscape, replete with the nuances and subtleties that define their unique mental architecture.
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Our "Energetic Profiling" comprises a four-minute (240-second) frame-by-frame video analysis of fundamental energetic signaling, which is subsequently integrated into our theoretical framework. This meticulous process enables the identification of constellations within an individual's cognitive development, effectively capturing a "snapshot in time." As a dynamic and longitudinal method, this process can be repeated at future intervals, allowing for the comparison of past and present data to track an individual's cognitive progression over time. Through this systematic and detailed approach, we aspire to shed light on the multifaceted nature of human development and foster a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between cognition and behavior across temporal contexts. 

Exemplary Submission 

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For our Method II study, we employ a rigorous qualitative research methodology known as content analysis. Content analysis is an intricate process that necessitates the systematic examination of video submissions to discern recurrent themes, patterns, and other pertinent information within the presented content. Our investigative approach entails a collaborative effort among research partners, who independently scrutinize the video submissions prior to convening for comparative discussion and evaluation.

This collaborative analytical process fosters a more robust and comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, allowing us to achieve a more accurate and holistic portrayal of the phenomena under investigation. By incorporating multiple perspectives in the analysis, we enhance the reliability and validity of our findings, mitigating potential biases and ensuring consistency throughout the research process. 

About Video Submissions:

To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of our assessments, it is crucial that your video submissions depict you in a natural and relaxed state. If you feel uncomfortable or tense in front of the camera, we recommend waiting until you develop sufficient comfort and confidence before submitting a video. The responsibility lies with you to provide a genuine representation of yourself in a natural state.

An exemplary video submission would include:

  • A relaxed demeanor

  • Optimal lighting conditions

  • Clear visibility of your hands and torso

  • Minimal eye makeup

  • No glasses

  • Conscious elimination of distractions, such as cell phones and other screens


Additionally, it is preferable to film indoors; however, filming outdoors is acceptable if the conditions are conducive to a quality recording.


We require two video submissions, one of which must be an interaction video. The videos should be around 15 minutes long. Please link your unlisted youtube video submission within the email embedded in this website, or via Discord direct message.  


Please note that videos that do not meet our requirements will not be accepted. Take the necessary steps to ensure your submission adheres to these guidelines, as this will facilitate a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of your type.


Do not use the information presented in this website to diagnose or treat psychological disorders. Please consult a registered professional for proper diagnosis or treatment. It is our policy to ensure that the data collected is utilized solely for internal research purposes and is not disseminated to any external parties. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of our participants, maintaining the highest standards of ethical research practice. By restricting access to the data and adhering to stringent guidelines on data usage, we can ensure that the information provided by our participants is treated with the utmost respect and care. This approach not only upholds the principles of ethical research but also fosters trust and confidence among our participants, contributing to a secure and collaborative research environment.

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