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Psychometric v.2

Complementing our energetic profiling services, we provide a psychometric based entirely on our own theoretical approach, designed to cater to diverse client preferences. This psychometric, crafted by our chief theorist Federico with the collaboration of the AXIS XII team, is divided into two parts: Part I is designed to deliver a preliminary estimation of one's primary cognitive modes. While Part II, based on the results of Part I, provides a comprehensive analysis of the cognitive functions most likely utilized.

It is imperative to underscore that, as self-assessments, these psychometrics are intended solely as guiding tools to pique curiosity and foster intrigue into the novel concepts we have introduced. We encourage our clients to consider these assessments as a preliminary exploration into the captivating world of cognitive modes and functions that define the human psyche.

I'm ready!


Take this test only once! If you take the test, review your results, and then retake it, your subsequent results will be influenced by biases stemming from your expanded understanding of your personality. Consequently, you are likely to alter your responses, potentially distorting your answers and undermining the assessment's accuracy.

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