Welcome to The 5th Mirror 

The 5th Mirror is investigating whether there is a connection between cognitive functions, as defined by Jung, and expressed bodily signals. Using our methodology, which combines an analysis of expressed bodily signals and psychoanalysis, we attempt to determine an individual’s cognitive type while also pinpointing and then tracking their development through time.




  • Signal gathering from careful frame-by-frame video analysis

  • A mapping technique derived from signal data that can pinpoint your type and development and accurately predict what "functions" will develop next. 

This group is responsible for identifying the following:



the transition from one energetic to the next.

the back and forth movement between two states of awareness that can be observed through visual signaling. For example, a Je signal followed immediately by a Pi signal, and then another Je signal, would be considered one complete oscillation

a synchronized function set that continually resolves between both pathways in the function set.
Three Function Modes
Mirroring Processes 
and more...


If you hope to learn more about the system, please reference the upcoming explanation videos here: 


Donations and assessment profits will fund the research and development of this model. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated!